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Leave A Comment With:. As much as he wants to be with someone like Rosita in that hot, passionate and sexual moment, he probably wants to be Abraham just as much. Whatever happened to handshakes or high-fives? Tara is still new, but Maggie and especially Glenn are a bit more level headed and can be more rational when things are tense.

No turning back. You hear about during wartime what soldiers do and what they do in war torn areas.

walking dead abraham rosita sex in Ballarat

Not that he could have done anything about it. Across from the library are a fire station and a fire truck. We already knew he had a temper, but you see it in full effect during his early days, as he beats a man to death in a supermarket over a stray can of food in front of his wife and kids.

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He lied. Abraham thanks Glenn for even coming along with him when he could have stayed walking dead abraham rosita sex in Ballarat the church with Rick and the others. Watch me f-! It's two people, we barely know each other, lying on top of each other naked. He rips off his dog tag, pulls out his gun and sticks it in his mouth.

And I just found it funny that he watched them from the Self-Help section of all places.

  • Rosita Espinosa is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Christian Serratos in the American television series of the same name.
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  • Before the outbreak, he was a U.
  • Rosita and Abraham entered The Walking Dead already a couple in Season Four, they were on a mission to take Eugene to Washington to save the world from the walker hordes, which turned out to be a lie. Having a mission is a part of his very being, and he was without one when he lost his family.

By the way, I think this group benefits greatly by having Maggie and Glenn with them. Then, a foul odor hits, but they press onward. My problem with this is the execution. He lost his nerve as they got closer.

Walking dead abraham rosita sex in Ballarat

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