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Sonar has been associated with a number of cetacean mass strandings and is therefore of particular concern [6][7][8]. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 3 : —84, 2. Browse Subject Areas? Navy assumes that a response is certain at any received level above dB.

The data analyzed here were obtained from a multi-ship 3 active surface ships MFA sonar operation in May

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Unprotected sex during periods pregnancy in Blainville принимаю

These data were correlated with the times of MFA use to provide a record of the maximum sonar RL rms and the presence or absence of a GVP start for every half hour time segment on every range hydrophone. Hakakha explains. Naval Oceanographic Office, Mississippi.

These wide intervals resulted from the high source levels during operations that in turn resulted in few exposures at these lower levels within the field of hydrophones. Marine Mammal Science 27 3 : E—E While a woman is unlikely to get pregnant during her period, it is absolutely possible.

Analysis A Generalized Additive Model GAM, [29] was used to model the presence or absence of GVP starts centered on each hydrophone and for each 30 minute segment, as a smooth function of the maximum RL rmsusing a binomial distribution with a logit link function.

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The type of sonar used, its frequency, and repetition rate were determined. Range dependent propagation loss along 18 equally spaced 20 degrees radial axes at each analysis point was pre-calculated. Group dive starts and the hydrophone central to the group were identified.

Hakakha says.

Unprotected sex during periods pregnancy in Blainville

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