Ontario sex ed curriculum protest in Miramar

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Popular Astronomy in the World and in Armenia. Though highly desirable, popularity is not the only achievement artistic creations might ever acquire. In an introductory section, it is suggested that popular culture has generally used women to represent a social mythology that is built around women's subordinate status, a position that current feminists reject.

  • Less than a week before the new school year begins, parents and activists in Ontario rallied at more than Liberal MPPs' offices on Wednesday to protest the province's new sexual-education curriculum.
  • The challenge from the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association argued that changes made by the government infringed teachers' freedom of expression and put students at risk by failing to be inclusive. The Tories repealed a curriculum from the previous Liberal government that included lessons warning about online bullying and sexting, as well as parts addressing same-sex relationships and gender identity.
  • A protester speaks with Liberal MPP Bas Balkissoon who just shot down as meeting at Agincourt Collegiate in Scarborough, ON to inform people on the new Ontario sex ed curriculum which was shut down early when protesters would not stop yelling questions on Thursday March 12,
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Ontario sex ed curriculum protest in Miramar

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